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“HR in action 2” keeps the conception of the first edition. It aims at providing the students from specialities, associated with HR management to show their knowledge and creativity. It is a competition in which teams composed of two students work on an HR case provided by a concrete company. A jury from the company whose case the team is solving examines the solutions and chooses the winner. The award for the team is an internship in the company.

Phases of the competition

Phase 1 – Finding the companies
Deadline: 30.09.2015

To start the competition the first condition is the identification of the participating companies. On this stage the companies ready to join in need to confirm their participation in writing by sending an email to the following address: pgospodinova@bapm.bg
The companies will be announced on the website of the competition.

Phase 2 – Elaborating the cases
Deadline: 18.10.2015

On this stage of the competition the participating companies need to elaborate their HR case which will be given to the competing teams. Each company determines a jury composed of its representatives. The jury examines the solutions and chooses the winning team. The evaluation follows the predefined by the company criteria.

Phase 3 – Applying
Period of implementation: 30.09.2015 – 30.10.2015

In this phase the teams of students who want to participate in the competition can apply. Each team consists of two students. It is not necessary the two participants in the team to be from one and the same speciality or university. The teams register through the application form on this website. While registering the teams rank the companies starting with the one on whose case they would like to work most. When the organizers distribute the cases they will follow the teams' rankings as far as possible but they will strictly watch for the equable distribution of the teams among the companies.

Phase 4 – Announcing the teams and the cases
Deadline: 02.11.2015

The teams are announced on the website of the competition. The company whose case the team will solve is also announced. Each team participates in the solving of only one case.
The cases are distributed to the teams.

Phase 5 – Solving the cases
Period of implementation: 03.11.2015 – 24.11.2015

In this phase the teams are working on the case. Each team chooses what sources of information to use in the process of solving the case.

Phase 6 – Giving the solutions
Deadline: 25.11.2015

The teams have to give their solutions to the BAPM administrative officers. The format of the solution is chosen by the team except for the cases when the company has required a specific format. The BAPM officers give all the solutions to the particular company.

Phase 7 – Estimating the solutions and choosing the winners
Period of implementation: 26.11.2015 – 11.12.2015

The jury of each company examines the solutions. If necessary the jury may decide to conduct meetings and phone calls with the teams to gather additional information /e.g. about the sources of information they have used/. The winner of each company is chosen based on the predefined criteria and the gathered additional information.

Phase 8 – Announcing the winners

The winning team for each company is announced during a special event. The date of the event will be published.

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